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Our programme is designed to produce graduates who are able to think critically, ethically, and perform a systematic analysis of complex problems, as well as provide economic solutions that are socially and environmentally responsible.

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WWF Malaysia’s LLA combines forest, wildlife, and river conservation with sustainable RSPO-certified oil palm production. It seeks balanced development in Malaysia, focusing on protecting natural assets and promoting sustainable oil palm production in Johor state.

Johor LLA follows WWF’s ‘Protect, Produce, and Restore’ approach for sustainability. Each pillar has a specific goal:

  • Protect – Identify and conserve remaining natural resources such as forests, wildlife and rivers;
  • Restore – Restore habitats for ecological connectivity and riparian reserve; and
  • Produce – Encourage and support the production of MSPO and RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil.
JOHOR LLA-JA is a collaborative project between Johor Business School, WWF Malaysia and P&G


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